Flowmax Ltd

Flowmax Ltd entered the UK market in 1997 when group founding director, Graham Nel, emigrated to the UK from South Africa and bought the first two group companies; Alpeco Ltd and Action Sealtite Ltd.

Centre Tank Services Ltd 1998

We had heard a lot about the products Centre Tank Services offered into the market and watched this business closely. When one of the partners decided he wanted to retire, we jumped at the opportunity to get involved.

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Action Sealtite Ltd 1997

This was a great opportunity that came along. We already had a knowledge of the market and products and we were impressed by the people working within Action Sealtite.

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Alpeco Ltd 1997

We thought Alpeco was a business with good potential; it was a top class well run company and really had potential to be successful. The products were good, it had a dominant position in the market, great reputation and great servicing skills.

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Hytek GB Ltd 2006

We first tried to buy into Hytek when we arrived in the UK. It had a wide range of high quality products, the management team were ethical and hardworking and that approach continued throughout their businesses. We had a small joint venture on one product and built a closer working relationship. When one of the partners was ready to retire we bought him out.

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Mechtronic Ltd 2011

Mechtronic were a new entrant to the market, really making waves, generating significant growth with new ideas that seemed a perfect fit for our activities already in that segment.

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Castle Pumps Ltd 2012

Centre Tanks Services was looking to extend into the Industrial Pump market. Castle Pumps had access to multiple market sectors and being local to CTS it was able to take advantage of support in Management, Finance and stocking, when the owning Directors retired.

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BioPharma Dynamics Ltd 2015

Unusually BioPharma Dynamics was not an acquisition, but a new venture. We already understood how to add value by combining these types of products to offer customers solutions. What was new was it had to be “ultra pure”, so we set off on a steep learning curve.

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Industrial Flow Control Ltd 2002

Industrial Flow Control was in a market segment for fuel loading where we already had a lot of expert knowledge. The products had great potential and made it a great fit with other businesses in our group.

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Anglo Nordic Ltd 2010

This was Hytek’s first acquisition and was made in 2010. Anglo Nordic Burner Products has a very similar business model to Hytek but supplies fluid handling equipment into the heating & burning industries

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