Flowmax in the words of its founder

“The special thing about Flowmax is that although you are part of a group, the head office is only there to provide strategic advice and support. The individual companies need to be left to grow on their own and potentially make their own acquisitions. We also have key skills we stick to; sourcing, stocking, distribution, marketing & websites.

Altogether it really revolves around people. We like medium technology products in the fluid handling market with medium barriers to entry, but overall it is the quality of our people that makes us different. All the company MDs and managers have a great passion for their business and no matter what their shareholding, they act like owners”. Graham Nel, Chairman and Founding Director.


Our Parent Company - SA Bias

The major shareholders in the Flowmax holding company are the chairman’s family and SA Bias; an international group established in 1933, with business interests in Europe, Africa & Asia.

SA Bias is a diversified industrial group with its head office in Cape Town, South Africa. The Group has operations in 12 countries including Hong Kong, the United Kingdom and the United States. The main shareholders are the Coutts-Trotter family and Sabvest Limited (whose majority shareholder and CEO is Christopher Seabrooke).

SA Bias has grown from a small South African textile-based business into an international industrial group with business operations in 12 countries. Throughout its history SA Bias has maintained a “family-owned” culture and approach to business that is serious about serving our customers to the best of our ability in an ethical and professional manner.