Committed to conducting business in a professional, transparent, ethical manner and to quality assured standards.

Flowmax Limited is an industrial holding company comprising of a group of small and medium sized companies associated with the manufacture, import and distribution of medium technology fluid handling equipment, consumables, spares and service.

We grow both organically and through acquisition and focus on clustering small/medium sized companies each run by champions that eat and sleep the business. Each group company is managed independently and at a local level. This results in each business and team feeling a true sense of ownership of their successes.

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Being part of the Flowmax Group

  • Financial and strategic guidance to aid and facilitate company growth
  • Strong financial backing
  • A focus on people – the team and the individual are vital to the group
  • Consultative approach to decision making
  • Retain individual companies’ identity, culture and ethos
  • Freedom to be entrepreneurial
  • Opportunities to see and share best practice

The Flowmax Group

The Flowmax Group is comprised of individual independent small and medium sized companies, all offering excellent solutions within different areas of the fluid handling industry. We operate in markets as diverse as fuel oil, chemical manufacturing, heating, water, shipping and pharmaceuticals.
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