Graham Morrell

CEO. Flowmax Group

I joined Flowmax because even from the outside I could see it was a Group that cared about the people working in it. The group goes out if its way to canvas opinions, win buy-in and ensure decisions within the subsidiaries are made in an inclusive way. Once…

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"A combination of family values and common sense business acumen will lead to many more years of success"

test Carl SA Bias

Carl Coutts-Trotter

SA Bias Group. Managing Director

In Flowmax we found a business and management team with a very similar culture. This cultural fit was essential in our decision to bring Flowmax into the SA Bias Group in 2012. In addition, Flowmax’s business model of acquiring or partnering with medium sized family-owned industrial businesses has…

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Sam Sweeney Group Financial Director to replace Steve Weeks

Sam Sweeney

Group Financial Director

One of the most beneficial aspects of working for Flowmax is the diversity within the group. Each company has its own culture and strategy and therefore it becomes a very unique place to work.

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"I see Flowmax as a big family and you need to keep the family motivated"


Graham Nel

Chairman. Flowmax Group

I believe that “you have to take business seriously but not personally” I see Flowmax as a big family and you need to keep the family motivated, positive, well trained and happy. Being happy at work usually means that they are happy at home and this benefits the…

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